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The Farfisa Organ Page
About this site
I owned a Farfisa Fast 5 organ when I was a kid.  Well, I got it when I was a kid -- for  Christmas when I was 13, in 1968.  My folks spoiled me that year, getting me that organ, and a Gibson Thor amp to go with it.  After a couple years I bought a Model 120 Leslie, which made a big improvement in the sound, and later a 147 with a combo preamp pedal that improved it even more.  I played that Farfisa in bands in high school and  college, until 1976.  By then the keys clacked like crazy and the action was worse than anything you've ever played, but in all other respects it was still in 100% working order.  It was the best Christmas present ever.  So call this a sort of Farfisa homage.
Farfisa User Reviews at
Combo Compact
Combo Deluxe Compact
 Duo Compact
Links to all model reviews
Fast 2
Fast 3
Fast 4
Fast 5

The Farfisa Marketplace and links
Current Farfisa auctions at ebay 
Completed Farfisa auctions at ebay
Farfisas at the

And in the interest of historical credibility....a pic of me sitting at my Fast 5, circa 1973.  Gibson Thor amp to the right.
1973 pic

The Farfisa Combo Series
Click pic for the Combo Series page

Pics and text from a 1969 brochure for the four "Combo series" Farfisa organs.  Plus more pics of each model, collected from the internet.  These are the organs that helped define the "garage band" sound of the '60's and early '70's.  

The Farfisa Fast Series
Click pic for the Fast Series page 
In 1968, Farfisa released its "Fast" (Farfisa All Silicon Transistors) series of organs (this obviously was when being fully transistorized was considered a good thing).  Featured here are pics and text from 1969 brochures for each of the Fast organs; the Owners Manual for the Fast 4 and Fast 5 organs; and more pics.

Farfisa Amplifiers
Click pic for the Amp brochure page 
Farfisa's BR80 and BR80 Twin amplifiers were "state of the art" in 1969, but didn't sell very well in the U.S.   
Pics here are from a 1969 brochure. 
Farfisa June 1969 Price List
Click pics for larger image of the price list

Hey, Now this is Interesting.....A Farfisa Emulation in the New Nord C1 dual-manual Organ!
Available April 2007
Nord C3 Image  "The dual manual Nord C1 Combo Organ comprises three types of vintage organs: a classical tonewheel, Vox Continental and Farfisa Compact Deluxe, all carefully modeled from their originals."

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